GX Foods Limited is a food and beverage company operating in the Manufacturing Sector of the economy. The company’s factory was commissioned in 2008 but opened for production in March, 2009. The factory currently produces different types of beverages in a variety of packaging forms and sizes, including carbonated soft drinks and juice-based products, ready-to-drink teas and other beverages.

GX Foods was the first company to introduce and manage Soy based beverages in ready-to- drink packs known as SoyGood (Milk and Juices). It later broadened its scope as a licensed producer of the Ceres brand in Nigeria, which is a leading juice name worldwide, originating from South Africa, with its presence spanning across 84 countries around the globe.

GX Foods is arguably the leading contract packaging beverage factory in Nigeria and it is currently co-packing for both local and established international brands.