As part of our commitment to excellent quality and safety of our products for our consumers, we are presently developing and implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) in our production process in line with the principles of HACCP, the international protocol for the identification and management of contamination risks.
We are analysing all our individual processes that play a role in the production of our various products. Each process is being studied to determine its vulnerability to biological, chemical and physical contamination. Preventative measures and procedures are also being implemented to eliminate or minimize any contamination risks that were identified at each critical control point.
Our HACCP practices will be documented in our HACCP Manual, which details the potential risks associated with the production stage of each product, the critical limits applicable and the preventative measures employed to manage them.
The effectiveness of these measures will be formally audited and expected to be standardized in the coming months, and continuously sustained. Any corrective actions required, or additional risks identified, will always be documented and our working practices amended if necessary.